The Cycle Effect

The Cycle Effect Vision

The Cycle Effect focuses on three primary goal areas: physical wellness; community impact and mentorship; and building brighter futures. By providing an opportunity for girls to be engaged in regular, healthy programs that help build their self-esteem and promotes overall wellness, girls are more likely to be healthier, stay engaged in school and set goals that will support their future.


The Cycle Effect Inclusion Statement

The Cycle Effect works to provide young women equal opportunity and access to the sport of mountain biking. We aim to serve 70% of participants who identify as Latino and/or Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) and work to remove financial barriers while supporting social-emotional well-being for our participants. By centering our values of equity, compassion, belonging, thriving, and courage, we are committed to creating an organization that allows female-identifying and non-binary participants the opportunity to create brighter futures and build stronger communities.


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