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Love this hot sauce! Makes anything with eggs, potatoes, or soups and stews that much better!

Audrey S

Best. Hot Sauce. Ever. Period.

Joseph H

Love Sendy Sauce! Has become essential for my breakfast to be complete. The perfect amount of heat and tons of flavor, highly recommend!

Alysson S

This is some really good stuff! By popular demand, the bottle has been at the table for every meal since :) This will be your favorite hot sauce for sure, Highly recommended!!

Jason T

It has a very unique and delicious flavor. I've used it to jazz up everything from pizza, nachos, burgers, and tofu!

Michelle C

It’s outrageously good, 11/10! We crushed our first bottle in 1 week...hot, sweet, excellent!!

Ryan S

We like it hot and Sendy delivers! You impressed me and my bayou born baby. Down here in Louisiana we know our way around some hot sauce and you keep knocking us and our friends over by bringing the heat. Keep it up!

Lynn D

By far you haven’t sauced until you’ve sendied! The only sauce you really put on everything, no catchy hook line and sinker commercial needed!

Matt W