The Sendy Story

Sendy Sauce was born in our kitchen in Eagle, CO. After trying to find use for a food processor we'd been lugging around for four years, it hit us...who doesn't love hot sauce? A few trial and errors later, Sendy Sauce was ready for friends and family. Now as we continue to grow, our favorite thing is meeting new people who have already tried our sauce! We can't thank everyone enough for all the support we've gotten on this awesome adventure. 


Simply stated, this is the best hot sauce I've had. Perfect balance of flavor and heat. Not only does it not over power the food but it enhances everything to be just a bit better. 10/10 

Peter P.

I put Sendy on almost everything. Not overpowered by vinegar like the big names. Amazing taste with a great balance of flavor and spiciness. My fourteen year old has to have her own bottle and doesn't like to share...... 

Bob T.

I can’t believe I was forced to use lackluster subpar sauces in the past... never again!!! Sendy sauce is my go to for cooking, topping, drink mixing, all of the things 💯🔥🔥💯🔥 don’t be a fool, get on board and send it daily!!! 

Mary H.

Before I tried Sendy Sauce, my life was bleak and without purpose. I had no friends, and certainly wouldn’t never imagined finding a wife. Not two days after I tried Sendy Sauce, I was benching 600lbs, seeking out bears to fight barehanded, and my now wife proposed to ME. 10/10 would sauce again. 

Patrick D.